5 Important Things to have in Your E-commerce Website!

With heavy rise in internet usage and introduction of concepts like online shopping and E-commerce Website, entire market is changed. People are not more sceptic or afraid of buying things online. It goes without saying that popularity of online shopping has given birth to high competition amongst various E-commerce companies. You have to be nothing less than the best if you wish to survive the cut throat competition.

There are certain features which are a must if you want to run a successful E-commerce website.

  1. Minimalistic designing approach along with a catchy logo
  2. Entire idea of E-commerce Website Designing is that it should be full of information in the form of graphics and text but it should not appear to be cluttered to the onlooker. It should look spacious and easy to navigate. The designer should be able to incorporate all the elements of the business without making the website look messy. Secondly logo of the website should also be designed with lot of care. It should not only be attractive but should be designed on the basis of your product, business idea and values.

  3. Easy checkout system and free shipping
  4. Ultimate goal of an E-commerce website is to sell the product. If your check out system is complicated then you may have heavy traffic on the website but conversion rate will always be low. It is better to have one page check out system along with secured payment gateway. Free shipping is also very important as people often don’t like paying extra amount in the name of shipping. In present cut throat competition scenario most of the companies offer free shipping.

  5. Right product placement with ample of promotional offers
  6. A good website developer is one who is able to place the product correctly and highlight it. The product should be visible to the consumer and he or she should be able to search it easily. The reason why most people have started doing online shopping is the number of promotional coupons and freebies offered there. Your E-commerce website should be full of these coupons in order to attract consumers.

  7. In built search engine of the website
  8. An in built search engine will help the onlooker to locate the product they want. In fact an advanced search engine with various filters such as brands, price range, product quality etc. Will help them in landing on the exact product they want. Features like auto suggest, login, points to be redeemed etc, will encourage people to buy products from your website.

  9. Presence on social networking sites
  10. Active presence on social networking sites will not only help in making yourself known and popular in people but also help in diverting traffic to your website.

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02 Jan 2018 By iBrandox
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