Difference between UX and UI

Nowadays, a lot of UX designers are finding that their employers want them to have UI skills as well. Having a workable knowledge of both these specializations is an added advantage to all web designers.

Here are 5 differences between UX and UI;

  • UX design is also known as user experience design; it is the process through which a user need gets identified. From this stage, a rough prototype is drawn and validated through the means of testing. This product is billed when the value proposition as well as the business model has been decided. UI can be termed as a combination of visual design and interaction design. The look and feel of the site is done by Visual design while interaction design is how people will interact on the website. UX designers can be called the architects of macro-interactions while UI designers are the creators of micro-interactions and also see to the details.
  • UX makes the interface beautiful while UI makes the same interfaces beautiful. An UX designer would have to involve himself with competitive analysis, persona development, and then develop a minimum value product, one which will be relevant to the customer niche that is being targeted. Testing is done throughout the life cycle of the product and it is thus validated. The UI designer steps in when the user flows and prototypes have been tested. It is the job of the UI designer to make the site aesthetically pleasing with the help of appropriate themes and colors.
  • UX helps people in accomplishing their goals while UI makes emotional connections. You should realize that people come to your site with a goal in mind. If they can be guided towards what they need in a non-invasive way, it helps to ramp up the sales.  UX designers ask a lot of questions, interview people, observe them and then make a prototype based on their observations and calculations. The UI guy is concerned with drawing people to your website by using lures like a striking design, a personal connection, and also the overall impression gathered from the site which will generate a loyal customer base.
  • UX designing is dome first while UI designing is done after that. An UX designer will handle a lot of the research which will validate or invalidate some of the initial product ideas and also help in guiding the development of the product. After going through some iteration, the prototype is finalized and here the UI designer steps in to start his work on the visual elements and also the micro interactions.
  • UX can be employed across products, services and interfaces, but UI only refers to interfaces. The field of user experience design is a big one and is becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. In fact, user interface designs can be seen nowadays on washing machines, cars as well as watches, vending machines and the like.
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13 Dec 2017 By iBrandox
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