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Bespoke Website Designing

If you’re thinking of launching a website for your company or business, a bespoke website is the best option for you. A lot of clients ask why a bespoke website is better than a template based one. For them, due to low price and accessibility, it might seem like a good idea. Let’s look at why a bespoke website is really what is needed.

Customization and Exclusivity

There are many pre-built templates which are available online and new ones continue to barrage us each day. Over time, as millions of these templates become available on the internet, people run the risk of emulating someone else’s website design. Thus the singularity factor take a big hit, especially if word gets around that you have “copied” the template. The good way to go is to hire the services of a good website designing company who will make a bespoke website for you, a custom made one, with a rigid structure of a template system.

Emulated Design and Responsiveness

A truly good responsive web design always starts with the user interface designer, who spends a lot of time creating separate designs for each kind of device, be it a mobile, tablet or a monitor. The designer has to think very carefully about the user’s journey on the cell phone, for example, and has to exclude or include information. The point of the website must be driven home and it must appeal to the visitor and nudge him towards a buy, or a sale. Along with this, there will be menu changes in style along with image resizing, if necessary. A bespoke responsive website is a lot better than emulated responsive sites, so make sure what the designer is giving you and ask him this question.


A truly good bespoke website has to be unique, modern, scalable, and also delivered by the people who are responsible for the coding and not just the design part. The best part is that if you need to make a change at the last moment, your request can be accommodated because it is quite easy and doable. A bespoke engine should be pricy, to justify the toil of the highly skilled and creative people who put it together. However the sad part is that they often go for less than the pre-built templates just because unscrupulous people charge a good deal of money to simply place a design on top of a solution that is already pre-built.

Support and Security

If you have a bespoke engine, it becomes difficult for hackers to target it specifically, and they also have to run a lot of tools to find out where the administrator area is.  They also have to find out where the database is stored. For a hacker, this process is quite laborious and highly unappealing.

Thus, a great bespoke website will have a bespoke engine, responsive designing, advanced coding, scalability and ability to integrate upcoming online technology, as well as security from vulnerabilities. If you want a truly good and high performance bespoke website, then get in touch with iBrandox, which has an office in Singapore and will carry out your work with due diligence and passion.

04 Dec 2017 By iBrandox
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