Unhappy with Current Website: Hire Singapore Based iBrandox to Revamp Your Website

If you’re unhappy with the conversions from your website, it probably is due to the fact that you have not got the basics right and have got your website designed by a company that is below par.

Here are some reasons why you could be unhappy with the current website;

  • I am not receiving any sales leads or enquiries from my website.
  • My site does not show up on leading search engines.
  • It is not mobile friendly.
  • My site is looking great on my computer, but not good at all on my friend’s, why?
  • I have paid a lot of money for the website but the results were not satisfactory at all.
  • My web developer does not pay any attention to my demands.
  • I am being charged a monthly fee, but there are no requests from my side for any changes.
  • I asked a relative to design the website for me, and it was disastrous.’
  • I bought a DIY package to set up my own website, but am lacking the time and concentration to devote myself to it.
  • I want to get involved in all things internet, but there are a lot of things that I do not understand and would like to be explained to me.
Sales as well as credibility are the two most important factors when you’re constructing your own website. In such cases, if you take the help of an established web design company, you can rest easy, knowing that you are in good hands. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

A Custom Design

After you hire a Professional Web Designing Agency, you are safe in the knowledge that your site will be created in accordance with your wishes and business. The web designer in charge of your website will sit in consultations with you and gather important things that you need to be displayed on your website. You have to remember that a professional designer does not rely on DIY kits that severely limit the imagination. Instead, he and his team of collaborators will brainstorm to come up with a custom website especially suited to your needs.

The Visuals

Colors and graphics play an important role in a website, along with the way the site looks overall and also the way it navigates. A visitor to your website will not be willing to go through a lot of loud colors and text. A Professional Graphic Designer is well schooled and will ensure that the colors, navigation and overall impression are user friendly.

Newer Technologies

The internet changes itself on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, it is normal that you will not be aware of these developments. However, upon entrusting the building of your website to a Professional Designing Agency ensures that the latest technology is used to create your website.


This is very important to professional webmasters as they will design your website in such a manner that it ranks very high on search engine results. This is an invaluable fillip.

If you need a website to be designed, iBrandox’s office at Singapore is one of the safest and best bets, because of their pedigree and lineage, having been in business for quite some time, and that too, quite successfully.

18 Dec 2017 By iBrandox
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