What are Some of The Effective Principles of Web Designing?

You will find that those websites which are not designed well do not rank high on Google search analytics; they tend to have high rates of bounce, a low time on the page, as well as low conversion. Web designing in Singapore has performed well in recent times. This is because they follow some basic principles of web design that you should know as well.

Here they are;

The purpose of the website has to be kept in mind. A good web design company will always serve the needs of the customer, and you need to make sure that happens. Ask yourself if your site visitors are looking for entertainment, info, or some interaction or transaction. All the pages of your website should have a clear purpose in mind, to facilitate the customer. For example e-commerce website design Agency in Singapore. The visitor on your website has to have a good impression of the website in order for him or her to retain interest in it.

Another important thing to remember is that the users will want the information they are looking for as soon as possible. Hence the design of the website should be easily navigable, and the users should get what they require quickly. Some of the tricks in the trade are to use headings and sub-headings, bullet points and so on. Web development Services in Singapore is aware of this.

You will find that sans serif fonts like Arial and Verdana are easy to read off the screen, the standard font size for websites is 16px, and you should stick to 3 typefaces and a maximum of 3 point sizes in order for streamlining your design. Although these are no hard and fast rules, they are the most followed. There are exceptions to the case always.

If your color palette is well presented and thought out, the user experience is enhanced greatly. The use of complementary colors facilitates harmony and balance. Using contrasting colors; one for the text and another for the background, will make reading much easier to your eye. Remember that vibrant colors will create impressions and should be used with care and also sparingly. White space is quite useful to render a modern look to the website.

The use of images will also have an effect, and we all know that pictures speak thousands of words.  If you choose the right pictures, they can communicate a lot of information very easily. It is advisable to use high resolution pictures, and if you do not have them, use stock photos selected carefully from the ones available on the internet.

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23 Jan 2018 By iBrandox
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