What are The Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid?

One can find website design and development very interesting as well as easy but the actual challenge arises when substantial efforts are attempted to make it usable. Most of the web designers commit some common mistakes at the time of designing, no matter how well professional and adroit they are. Website design company in Singapore has considered these mistakes which everyone should avoid always.

Unavailability of search box

Website is a store of information. Visitors always seek for the search box on a website to find any topic as per their needs of authentic information. Lack of a visible search box on a website surely leads to the complex situation in which viewers will visit that site at once and leave it quickly getting annoyed.

Cluttered homepage

Homepage is the cover of your website, firstly viewed by your clients. If you want your customers or visitors continue with browsing your site for more information, you have to create an appealing outlook of homepage. It is better not to burden your site’s homepage with lots of unimportant things.

Content structure disparity

Content or blog of a website plays crucial role in driving traffic to that site. How your content is well structured determines the success or collapse of your website. While updating a site with contents, you should include headings, subheadings, paragraphs, keywords and bullets in an efficient way for getting an impressive structure, so that visitors can enjoy utmost while reading them.

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21 Nov 2017 By iBrandox
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