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When you own a company or a business and have a website online, it is very important that you have the correct and most effective web design out there. Web designing in Singapore is taking off because they realize the value of this. Let us take a look at why web designing is given so much importance.

Remember that the website is the meeting place between the customer and you. It can be any sort of interaction, like purchase and bookings, or even contact details. Ecommerce website design in Singapore is a very good place to get your work done, and they achieve quite high conversion ratios which is what the game is all about.

Firstly you have to consider who your target audience is going to be. It could be a website for toddler clothing or it may even cater to a niche audience like scrimshaw. This is needed for leads, members, media and the staff and internal shareholders as well. If you know your audience well, you can always design your website accordingly.

Consider what your target audience is looking for. Also study their online behaviour. You can always run a couple of tests of designs on your current website only to change it later on for the one that suits the intended purpose best. The website needs to be in line along with the branding of the website. That way, customers identify much easily with your business or brand.

The digital marketing plan you employ should also define what your objectives are. These can be based on visits, average time on page, conversions, keyword rankings or bounce rates. Web development company in Singapore follows these trends. When you hold meetings with web designers, ask them how their designs will define your objectives. You have to take into consideration SEO, conversion rate optimization, User Experience (UX), and brand identity when you get the website designed.

Search Engine Optimization is regarding increasing your visibility on the web in organic ways. This can be done by various onsite and off-site procedures. It is of the utmost importance that you are seen on a search engine, because about 93% of web browsing starts off from a search engine, and you cannot afford to miss out on online search results.

With the invasion of smart phones into our lives, around 60% of searches are made on a mobile. So your website has to be mobile responsive one as well. It is also true that they also need to be compatible with a huge number of mobile devices, so it might take some time for you to get it right. And the loading times should not be greater than 3 seconds, because research has shown that’s how long a person’s average attention span is.


There are a large number of companies specializing in the design of websites that are effective for digital marketing. Among them, iBrandox, which has its offices in Singapore has the best pedigree and can be reached at

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