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Our custom website development services help you to better market your website and achieve your online marketing goals and business objectives. As the top rated custom website development company in Singapore, we focus on the programming that is carried out at the backend of your website, thereby providing you with a robust, scalable and high-performing platform for marketing your products/services.

Right from coding all your website pages, functions and application that allows you to power your portal to creating custom web development strategies that are unique to your business and brand, we ditch the one size fits all approach to match your specific needs.

Why Custom Web development?

Custom web development isn't restricted to choosing the best images, color schemes as well as fonts for your website. It is an entire process, whereby the developers dig deeper into your business specifics and further create strategies to enhance your website's design, user experience, programming, marketing and content.

Custom website development service offers the following benefits:

  • Reliable and centralized storage of data
  • Interface that is familiar with all the employees
  • No need for any client software
  • Varied security options for improved safety of application.
  • Multiple options for web hosting on our or your own servers.

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Development FAQs

What is a dynamic and static website?

Dynamic websites are written using complex codes and allow you to change various parts of your website like adding products or information or changing the existing line of products etc. The news websites and eCommerce websites are example of such websites. With dynamic website, one can minimize their ongoing maintenance expenses. However, they are more costly to develop when compared to static website since they require complex coding.

On the other hand, static websites is written using the HTML code. Every page is separate from another and has no database. This means you can edit the website by going into every page and editing the HTML, which can be done through web page editor or by hiring someone to do it for you.

Who will own the site after it has been developed?

We will transfer the 100% ownership of the website to you after you have made the full and final payment. Our team will prepare every file which you can download later. In case your custom website is very large and the file sizes are large too, then we shall mail a CD to you along with all files.

What do I need to do to maintain the website after it becomes live?

You need to constantly update and market your website. In case you choose to sign a maintenance contract with us, then will keep it updated with fresh and relevant content. We will also keep a track of your website traffic, analyse all your keywords to connect you to your target audience. Our team will also handle your website hosting, renewal of domain registration and email hosting tasks.

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